SIMMS Version 8.0 Service Pack 5 Released

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SIMMS Version 8.0 Service Pack 5 Released

August 12th, 2011

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 Service Pack 4 has been released
Abbotsford, BC August 12th, 2011

KCSI today is pleased to announce the release of SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0.5, a widely anticipated update to its popular Inventory Software Application

SIMMS Software turns your computer into an advanced inventory management and accounting software tool, giving you the ability to setup inventory items, transfer your inventory from location to location, complete sales and purchasing transactions, track serial numbers with manufacturer lot control, expiration date management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Order Fulfillment and Replenishment, Order Picking, Remote Data collection, Barcode printing and more. 

Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business inventory management and accounting applications.

Accounts Payable Enhancements

Case#5266 – we have reviewed and enhanced the Income Statement, Gross Profit and Net Income report formatting.

Accounts Payable Enhancements

Case#5368– We have enhanced the manual invoice manager to automatically calculate the taxes per the tax schedule assigned to the vendor.

Automotive Maintenance Module Enhancements

Case#5500, 5481, 5480, 5468, 5331, 5283 – We have enhanced the automotive maintenance module and added more functionality;

  • if you create a new service record from the client file, the client is now already be pre-selected when you are taken to the work order master screen.

  • In automotive maintenance main screen on the lower left we have added an advanced customer search screen where you can search the automotive fields for results, for example customer comes in at the end of the day with a blue toyota but you can't remember who he was the morning after, you should be able to pick toyota blue from the auto fields to find the customer then drill down to him/her.

  • We have added a new icon of a truck to the right of the find icon at the top of the customer manager screen, when clicked you can add more vehicles on the fly.

  • when i make a new repair request there is a automatic line added to the details where the description = the repair request

Contact Management Enhancements

Case#5369 - We have added Original sales order number to the customer transaction grid, and purchase order number to the vendor transaction grid.

Case#5296 - In the Customer Manager > Sales tab, we have added a link from the AR document number to open the AR Manager. Similar to what is done for sales orders, and POs.

Data Collector Enhancements

Case#5305– In the Windows Mobile sync screen we have added the ability to date filter the purchase orders you wish to sync to the device, we have also added a flag enabling the user to indicate if they only wish to sync authorized Purchase orders to the device.

-Now when receiving purchase orders on the device you can indicate the mfg lot and assign expiration dates if the item uses expiration dates

General Enhancements

Case#5347– We have fixed an issue related to report templates where when printing quotes the system didn't prompt for what template report you wish to print.

Case#5377 – We have fixed an issue where if the backorder manager was open you could not access other SIMMS screens.

Case#5424 – Now when you attempt to save a transaction without line items you have 2 choices save as draft or delete, as there was no point in saving a transaction as completed if it has no line items.

Case#5281 – We have enhanced the SIMMS, Quote, Sales Order and Invoice forms by adding a scroll bar to the Header and Final Comments section so scroll down to see all comments even if the transaction is in read only (NON-EDIT) mode.

Case#5471 & 4444 – We have simplified the process of receiving goods & processing returns, information below on the new feature we have added

New Feature: You can now choose which items on a purchase order you want to import into your receipt of goods. This makes it easier to receive into inventory partially filled purchase orders.

Note:This feature is also available for invoice or receipt returns. You can choose from an invoice or receipt the specific items being returned.

Before this enhancement, to process a partially filled purchase order you had to import all the items on your purchase order into your receipt. You would then delete the items not received or change the quantities of the partially received items.

Now when you import a purchase order into a receipt of goods, a prompt appears asking if you want to receive all or most of the items on the purchase order.

You have one of the following two options:

  • Click Yes. SIMMS enters all the items on your purchase order into your receipt. Use this option if you are receiving all the items on your purchase order.

  • Click No. A window appears. From this window, you select the items on your purchase order you want to add to your receipt. Use this option if you are receiving only some of the items on your purchase order

About the New Purchase Order Select window

  • You can easily find the items you want by simply typing your search criteria in the search field. The grid ‘shrinks,’ displaying only those items that match your search criteria.

  • You can change the cost or quantity of an item. (The quantity must be equal or less than the quantity of the item on the purchase order).

  • You can type a manufacturer’s lot number and select an expiration date for an item.

  • You can drag and drop your selected items onto your receipt.

RMA Manager Enhancements

Case#5261 – We have fixed an issue where inventory returns were moving stock into RMA Status and not back in to stock location.

Item Transfer Manager Enhancements

Case#5344 – We have fixed an issue where when printing a transfer document the print preview would appear behind the transfer manager screen.

Purchasing Enhancements

Case#5324 – We have fixed an issue where if the PO authorization window was open you could not access other SIMMS screens.

Case#5269 – We have enhanced the receipt of goods screen to accept editing the freight value after the receipt has been saved, if receipt is reopened in edit mode.

Case#5337 – We have fixed an issue where if you opened a saved PO and then added a new item and clicked the stock window, the grid focus would change to the first line but stock window shows new item entered causing confusion

Sales Enhancements

Case#5292 – We have fixed an issue where if completing a sales order and selecting the customer by typing in the customer name after typing 3 characters it forced you to use the drop down list.

Case#5293 – We have enhanced the shipping tab of the invoicing screen so when you add a ship to or bill to address on the fly they are available in the transaction you are working on, we have also enhanced so if you select a ship to or bill too address and then click the “...” to edit the address you had selected is the current one in the address manager to edit and not all available addresses, of course you can disable the filter (bottom left) to show all if you require.

Case#5333 – We have enhanced the quote manager to indicate if a quote was saved as a draft or completely saved quotation by adding a status column.

Case#4615 - We have added a column “COST” to the Quote, SO and Invoice grids where the user can edit and enter the cost for non stock item. This cost/price is what the gm % is calculated on for non stock items per transaction in reports

Serial number management Enhancements

Case#5228 – We have enhanced the serial number and user serial number tracking capabilities around the returns, RMA and RTV processes.

Shipping Manager Enhancements

Case#5247 – We have fixed an issue where if you had auto ship enabled in global settings for invoices, the invoices still showed up in the shipping manager for shipment.

Visual Import Manager Enhancements

Case#5354– We have fixed an issue importing address 1 & address 2 in the visual import manager.


  • To upgrade or install SIMMS 8, proceed to

  • Make sure you backup your SIMMS database prior to upgrading

  • Make sure to review global settings and user permissions for all users and companies as due to some huge improvements the settings will have to be reset according to your needs.

  • Consider scheduling a short training session;

SIMMS Version 8.0 is easier to use, with the enhancement and addition of many features to make your SIMMS experience quicker, more detailed and more accurate.

We feel that your first experience with the new look and feel should be in a training scenario, which will allow you the time to get comfortable with any changes to SIMMS usage and function that may have changed.

Therefore, we have put together affordable 2, 4 and 8 hour online training courses designed to bring you up to speed key enhancements made in order to assure your SIMMS 8.0 experience is a good one.

Contact sales for more information 604-504-4215 Ext: 140 or


Sheldon Kornyk

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