SIMMS Version 8.0 Service Pack 4 Released

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SIMMS Version 8.0 Service Pack 4 Released

July 11th, 2011

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 Service Pack 4 has been released
Abbotsford, BC July 11th, 2011

KCSI today is pleased to announce the release of SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0.4, a widely anticipated update to its popular Inventory Software Application

SIMMS Software turns your computer into an advanced inventory management and accounting software tool, giving you the ability to setup inventory items, transfer your inventory from location to location, complete sales and purchasing transactions, track serial numbers with manufacturer lot control, expiration date management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Order Fulfillment and Replenishment, Order Picking, Remote Data collection, Barcode printing and more. 

Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business inventory management and accounting applications.

General Enhancements

Case#5316 – If a po was saved in draft mode, you couldn't edit it if the permission is turned off preventing users from editing po's, due to demand we have decided that this should not be the case, technically a draft po is not finished therefore they should be allowed to edit it despite the permission so we have enhanced to allow.

Case#5335 – When you save a transaction you have 2 options to select from draft, or save the default was draft and now we have modified this option so now when you save a transaction the option highlighted by default is save, not the draft option.

Case#5336 – We have fixed a display issue in global settings where if you set the use markup percent option enabled under sales/settings/price calculation then closed the window and returned, the screen didn't show you had that option enabled even though it is.

Purchasing Enhancements

Case#5302 – We have enhanced Purchase order authorization by adding an option in the po authorization tab of user permissions called "user can only see po's created within his budget category" if this is enabled the Purchase order list and list of Purchase orders in PO authorization only displays PO's related to his/her categoriesassigned.

Case#5334 – We have enhanced Purchase order authorization so when you create a new PO and there isn't enough funds the system alerts the user about insufficient funds but still allows the user to save thePO. If a PO is authorized or approved and user edits it and changing the amounts over the budget limit, when saving but automatically authorization/approval is status'd as declined until funds become available.

Case#5346 – We have enhanced the po budgets so if you modify the PO the budget allocated is modified to match the value of the modified po also if you modify an already approved or authorized po to a value exceeding the budget limit, the po is status'd declined automatically per case 5334 and the budget funds reserved are put back into the budget remaining pool until po is modified andre-approved/authorized.

Reporting Enhancements

Case#5312 – The transaction report generator was hard to find so we added this report option under the sales, purchasing and transfers printing menus.

Case#5312 – Under the purchasing menu within the report manager we added the PO budget report

Case#4539– We have added two new Report Generators designed in the following way one for sales and one for purchase orders.

Choose by: Customer or Date or SO# or a combination of those options, when you Choose the customer

however, the SO select will only allow you to select SO for that customer and only show within the date range he chooses if he chooses one. This will not pertain to SO’s that are closed.

After selecting this info and generating his report, this is what info displayed:

Customer Name/SO #/Item Code/Description/ QTY Ordered/ QTY invoiced/QTY left to be invoiced

BO)/PO#(customer)( PO# info comes from the original SO )

Sales Enhancements

Case#5315 – We have fixed an issue where if there are items with expiration dates and you select the item from the quick stock window then insert, the mfg lot inserts but the expiration date.

VisualImport manager enhancements

Case#4983 – We have added the ability to import Pull based supply chain minimum qty reorder points, NOTE: you MUST have item, location and reorder point in the source data along with location (mandatory) plus pull base supply.


  • To upgrade or install SIMMS 8, proceed to

  • Make sure you backup your SIMMS database prior to upgrading

  • Make sure to review global settings and user permissions for all users and companies as due to some huge improvements the settings will have to be reset according to your needs.

  • Consider scheduling a short training session;

SIMMS Version 8.0 is easier to use, with the enhancement and addition of many features to make your SIMMS experience quicker, more detailed and more accurate.

We feel that your first experience with the new look and feel should be in a training scenario, which will allow you the time to get comfortable with any changes to SIMMS usage and function that may have changed.

Therefore, we have put together affordable 2, 4 and 8 hour online training courses designed to bring you up to speed key enhancements made in order to assure your SIMMS 8.0 experience is a good one.

Contact sales for more information 604-504-4215 Ext: 140 or

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