SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 Service Pack 8 has been...

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SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 Service Pack 8 has been released

December 14th, 2011

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 Service Pack 8 has been released
Abbotsford, BC December 14th, 2011

KCSI today is pleased to announce the release of SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0.8, a widely anticipated update to its popular Inventory Software Application

SIMMS Software turns your computer into an advanced inventory management and accounting software tool, giving you the ability to setup inventory items, transfer your inventory from location to location, complete sales and purchasing transactions, track serial numbers with manufacturer lot control, expiration date management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Order Fulfillment and Replenishment, Order Picking, Remote Data collection, Barcode printing and more. 

Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business inventory management and accounting applications.

Apparel Management Enhancements

Case# 4682 – Modifications and issues addressed were are as follows :

1 – Ability for the packing slip to show $ from invoice. (Can also be the shipping manager packing slip) 

2 – Looking at the style matrix in SI5MMS – it runs in Alphabetical order, not in Size order.The ability to maneuver those columns into the position we want them. So they will show SM/MED/LRG/XLRG instead of LRG/MED/SM/XLRG

3- In the PO, it doesn’t print in a grid, so, when you send to a Vendor it shows Style/Size/Color/ like this: Main-XLRG-001. In this case the customer uses a number combo for their colors. Now, each apparel company could call 001 different colors. Company A 001 is Green, Company B – 001 is Blue, Company C 001 is Red,etc

Case# 5717 – We have enhanced sizes to have a matrix representation instead of linear by adding another column called Range also an order column that displays the order of the sizes within each range this is the order they are printed in, and you have the ability to change the order for each range, code combination.

Automotive Maintenance Enhancements

Case# 5536 – We have fixed an issue where you could add a vehicle without any warnings about field size however when you try to assign the vehicle to a customer you would get an assertion failed message because the data was too big for the field.

Case# 5528 – We have fixed an issue where if you delete all the operations in the Automotive Operations Setup window then add a new line, click in a field you would receive an error message.

Case# 5524 – We have enabled the updating of invoiced work order by adding an edit button to the Automotive Manager. The work order can then be edited as required and re-invoiced.

Banking Enhancements

Case# 5762 – We have cleaned up some cosmetic issues on the banking deposit report

Case# 5786 – We have fixed an issue when clicking processing a bank deposit you would get an error.

Case# 5788 – We have fixed an issue where under some conditions if you proceeded to the Banking & Credit Card Account Detail window and entered some information but not all an error message would be displayed.

Case# 5789 – We have fixed an issue where under some conditions if you attempted to transfer funds in banking you would get an error.

Barcode Printing Enhancements

Case# 4064 – We have added a new menu option under barcoding called “Stock 2D barcode” this option gives you the ability to print 2d barcodes for the order picking module. You can indicate item qty, the mfg lot can be selected if exists or manually typed in for the barcode, location can be selected and serial numbers can be selected to be included as well. You have the choice of 2 label dimensions and can print to html or crystal reports. Using the customize button you can remove fields from the report printout.

Branch Management Enhancements

Case# 5412 – We have enhanced the Branch Management module so that for obvious reasons, you can not see SO or Invoices done in one branch if you are logged into another, also, you can not pull inventory from one branch if logged into another.

Contact Management Enhancements

Case# 5612 – We have addressed an issue where the clear button next to some fields in the contact manager was greyed out.

Case# 5765 – We have addressed an issue where after you create an alert note in contact manager, customers or vendors, then when create a new transaction and choose a contact the alert note popup displays but the contact is not selected in combo box forcing the alert to be shown twice

Data Collector (Windows Mobile) Enhancements

Case# 5795 – We have added the expiration date field to the physical count module on the data collector.

Case# 4066 – We have taken Case# 4065 and added the ability to pick orders on the data collector as well.

Case# 5496 – We have fixed an issue where sometimes syncing the data would generate errors.

Case# 5764 – We now have a new data collector installation for windows mobile addressing issues where in some environments physical counts larger then 60 items at once causes the handheld to crash. Make sure to download the latest installer from when this version of SIMMS is released.

Case# 5763 We have enhanced the data collector program so now if global settings is set to not allow negative stock and if you create a sales order on the data collector where there is insufficient stock, when syncing back to SIMMS the system will automatically put the items on back order for the sales order, otherwise if the option allows negative stock, you will be prompted when syncing if you wish to create a negative stock or use backorder.

Expiration date Management Enhancements

Case# 5565 – We have enhanced expiration date management so if an item has an expiration date it is mandatory to select an expiration date when receiving the items.

Case#  5630 – Now if you have items with expiration dates that also use serial numbers, the expiration date related to the serial number shows in the serial number manager, making sure there remains a one to one relationship between the serialized item and its related expiration date.

General Enhancements

Case# 5690 – We have made the Tax Reg# a string instead of numeric and 20 characters long.

Case#5865 – We have fixed a date issue that made the transaction managers crash if the date was december, 01, 2011

Installation Enhancements

Case# 5378 – we have enhanced the installer to prompt if the SSA is running and needs to be stopped, it will automatically stop the process and install without error now.

Case# 5582 - We have added an option to the server installation option where if you don't want to install sql during the full installation for some reason you can uncheck this part of the installation.

Item Management Enhancements

Case# 5808 We have added the ability to adjust inventory where there are multiple batches with the same number but different expiry dates. 

Case# 5671 – We have fixed an issue when searching item (CTRL+X) by Alias. When search an item by alias using wild card characters and more than one item pops up (You have 10 items with the string you search by), there was no way to tell what item alias belongs to which item (your alias is "500", you search and you can have over 20 Items with that string "500", no way to tell which alias' belongs to which Items) so we solved this by adding a column to the data grid for "Alias".

Case# 5635 We have enhanced the item trace report generator to include quotes.

Case 5488 – We have enhanced the item copy function found in the item manager to also copy the subcategories associated to the source item.

Case# 5506 - In the Item Manager, Primary info tab, under Manufacturer/Mfg Part#/ Mfg SKU  we have added a “Country of Origin” field with a drop down list to choose from. 

-In the line item details area of transactions (Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, ROG, Packing Slips, ALL returns), we added these two columns from the Item manager “Country of Origin” and “Manufacturer” Transactions required are 

-Added these new data fields to the following reports - Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, ROG, Packing Slips, ALL returns

Physical Count Enhancements

Case# 5678 – we have enhanced the physical count adjustment screen to better accommodate multiple physical entries of the same item.

Case# 5777 – we have enhanced the physical count to be able to adjust stock for items with expiration dates as well as manufacturer lots.

POS Enhancements

Case# 5850 – We have added the user serial number field to POS

Purchasing Enhancements

Case# 5473 - We have enhanced the Purchase order approval screen so the approver / authorizer comments show in the grid.

Case# 5695 – We have fixed an issue where when selecting and associating Unique features to an item upon receipt and the system was only saving Text box 1 and Text box 2 information from original ROG. 

Rack Data Transfer Module

Case# 5449 – We have created a new module enabling companies to track what rack area specific hardware is, and assign unique information related to the item in the location, for example Lun address, IP address, Hard drive space and so on, this custom module also enables you to custom create as many unique fields as you wish in order to associate them to the item at the point of transfer. For more information refer to the Rack Data Transfer Module.pdf document attached.

Replenishment Manager Enhancements

Case# 5715 – we have fixed an issue where after creating a new P.O. in the replenishment manager, the "Find PO" button opens a window but did not display any P.O. When the purchase-order manager is checked, the P.O. displayed.

Reporting Enhancements

Case# 5735 – We have cleaned up the Gross profit report making it easier to understand.

Case# 5706 – We have fixed some issues found in the Unreceived item report.

Case# 5400 – We have fixed an issue where under some conditions the vendor aged summary report didn't match the vendor aged detail report balances.

Case# 5357 – We have added the PO field in the data set for the detailed aged AR report

Case# 5520 – We have fixed an issue where when you attempted to print the automotive Maintenance invoice report from the report centre you would get an error message.

Case# 5410 We have added a new Usage report generator report to show items sold/moved out of a warehouse based on their setup, this generator has the ability to choose the Warehouse and a date filter – Once this is done, the system will show the following information from that warehouse, within that date range (Item code, Item Description, Qty sold (on what invoice number), Manufacturer lot  **Obviously with the manufacturer lot, if item code ABC is sold in different man lots but on the same invoice or day or in the same month, it splits per lot #). This report has also been be added to the SSA

Case# 5407 – We have cleaned up several transaction reports, fixing alignment, field placement and orientation per customer requests, if you have an external version of the sales order, invoice, quote, purchase order, receipt of goods report, we recommend re-exporting and making new edits as required using the new layout as a template.

Case# 5429: We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information (report center-> inventory-> Expirated List report)

Case# 5430 We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information (rptexpirated.rpt, report center-> inventory-> Expirated List report)

Case# 5431 We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information (report center-> purchasing->summary-> budget spending report)

Case# 5432 We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information ( report center-> inventory-> Analytical->Inventory Item summary report)

Case# 5433 We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information (report center-> purchasing->unreceived item report)

Case# 5434 We have enhanced the following report with additional fields and more information (report center-> purchasing->unreceived item summary report)

Case# 5343 – We have fixed an issue where the “Vendors assigned to items” report would cause Simms to freeze

Case# 5675 – We have fixed an issue in the depreciation report where in some conditions you would get an un-handled exception error when running the report

Case# 5641, 5402 – We have cleared up some confusion in the balance sheet, income statement and budget variance report, between negative values and positive values.

Case# 5821 – We have fixed an issue where if  you process a cash payment through the Banking Module, go to my cash purchase list and try to print the printout would generate an error

Case# 5828 We have cleaned up the serial number trace report

Case# 5360 We have cleaned up the barcode label layouts

Case# 5576 We have added 2 new mailing labels to the invoice manager where if in the sales tab of global settings the option to show mailing buttons on invoice transaction is enabled, there are 2 new mailing label printing options found in the tools menu in the invoice detail screen: called “print mailing label1” and “print mailing label2” where if clicked the user can print mailing labels for the customer related to the order: Both labels would be 2 5/8 by 1 (or whatever works for the label printer)

Label 1 would contain the Ship To information form the Invoice, Name and address listed on invoice as chosen by user when creating the invoice

Label 2 would contain the following (in this order)

Text:  This test is for the student listed below only – do not open until student is ready to write:

The Customer (student) name listed on the Bill To side of the Invoice

Text:  Test: 

The description (i.e. TST2A Com12 VP7), which is the name of the test

The date ordered – from the Transaction Date on the Invoice

RMA / RTV Enhancements

Case# 5543 – We have enhanced the RTV process so rtv outs now show up in the shipping manager.

Case# 5703 – We have fixed an issue where, when returning an item and associating it to an existing RMA Number. User starts to type in rma number and the drop down field starts to auto filter rma numbers then select an existing RMA number, select "Add" and the RMA Number disappeared.

Case# 5725 – We have fixed a problem where when a user generates an rtvout and there original purchase information is either unavailable or not selected, the item cost displays $0, when it should be displaying the items cost method (etc, fifo, average, weighted avg). Also, Rtvin, we must consider all possible scenarios with with returning: same item, same item refurbished, different new item, different new item refurbished.

Sales Enhancements

Case# 4455 – We have added the ability to indicate a price level override per category in the customer manager, you can indicate what the price level % should be: Below we have explained how it works: This custom will work just for customers who use price levels and % of something

When these settings are checked (or any combination) in customer manager user can define % for each customer and for each category:

If user don’t have defined a % for a specific category, then the system will work like before, for ex:

If selected item for sale is for category “ATS” then system use price level 5 (because this category has ZERO)

If price level is empty, then system will use price from item manager.

So, you can combine price levels with custom % per customer/category but has priority category percentage when price is computed.

(AS OF BETA 4) Case# 5815 –  We have added the ability to select and assign Price levels on the fly, per individual line item per Sales Transaction. (in quote, sales order and invoice add a price level field in the data grid where it will show the default price level assigned to the customer however you can change to an alternate and the price will change accordingly. (NOTE this will not work if you override the price levels in the customer manager screen per category)

Case# 5815 – We have added a new price level override capability at the transaction level: The ability to select and assign Price levels on the fly, per individual line item per Sales Transaction. (in quote, sales order and invoice add a price level field in the data grid where it will show the default price level assigned to the customer however you can change to an alternate and the price will change accordingly (this change will not work if selected customer has custom discounts per categories)

Case# 5574 – For the school boards we have added the following functionality to track books and tests issued to students and what has or has not been returned; Anew type of Inventory Return screen where the user scans or types in a serial number (barcode) in a search, and the system identifies which Customer the item was issued to and then opens up a screen listing all unreturned items (serialized or not) issued to the customer so that they can quickly be flagged as returned, either by toggling the item or by scanning serial numbers (barcodes) for each item.

In the detail area it would list:

- The document number of the Issue the item was shipped from (to locate it for returns)

- Item Description

- Item Code

- Item serial number (barcode scanned on shipment) if it is a serialized item – blank if not

- Quantity shipped

- Shipping Date / Date Issued

- Return Date (if selected in the options screen)

The items would not be automatically flagged for return – the user would either select a check box or scan a barcode to flag individual items on the screen for return

- This would separate the Returns process from the procedure of returning at the Invoice level, and would contain combined data from the invoices

- It would be useful if this screen listed the same type of information (detail on each item) as requested for the report in Goal #2.

- For a decision on refund of deposit, the user would be able to see which items were not returned on this screen

- Non-deposit items would be included so that the user could return these to inventory as well – sometimes a student quits and returns unused non-deposit items

- The screen should have sort options to sort by date issued, by item code, by item name, or by invoice #

- The screen should include an option to filter by serialized or non-serialized items – so the user could choose to only display serialized items to return (where students have several courses and several items to return).  The majority of returns are for serialized items.

Stock levels would be incremented by each item returned and the serial number would be made available to be re-issued once a return is processed

Case# 4065, 3675 – We have created a new Order Picking Module where you can indicate items have been picked by scanning the upc code, 2d barcode, or selecting the item manually, for more information refer to page: 52 of the 8.0 sales document also included in this release notice.  

Case# 5761 – Now shutting the manual vendor invoice screen warns you about saving if not saved.

Case# 5606 – We have fixed an issue with sales quote cloning where when cloning a quote the line items would be duplicated in the cloned quote.

Case# 5327 – We have fixed an issue where if you select a due date in an invoice and save it then close and reopen the selected due date is replaced with the transaction date.

Case# 5552 – We have fixed an issue found in quantity volume discounting where the first level of discounts would get applied however when you increased the quantity of an item the second level wasn't getting applied.

Case# 5253 – We have fixed an issue where after creating a quote, if you try to import to a Sales Order or Invoice, the system would NOT import items using their DEFAULT location. When selecting Import from Quote, the 'find transaction' screen appears, at that point, if you do not select a location, the system gave an error - please select location, however, if you choose a location first, the system pulls ALL inventory items from that 1 location. Now the system to allows you to import from quote using inventory items DEFAULT locations.

Security Enhancements

Case#5415 – We have added 2 new fields to the user setup area of SIMMS where you can now associate a signature and picture for your staff, we have also added PO approver and authorizer signature fields to the PO transaction report data set so you can insert there related signatures if required.

SIMMS Server Agent (SSA) Enhancements

Case 5708 – We have fixed some issues with the SSA where when scheduling one time events they were not saving without an error, and some scheduled events were not alerting as they should.

Shipping Manager Enhancements

Case# 5719 – we have fixed an issue where after invoicing you were not prompted to use the shipping manager even if you had opted to use this option in global settings.

Case# 5605 – We have fixed an issue where addresses were not displayed as expected in the shipping manager

Transaction Management Enhancements

Case# 5629 – We have enhanced the transaction screen to now show on transactions (in red) what user last saved the transaction and when, this information can be found by opening up the transaction detail screen.

Case# 5281 – We have enhanced the Quote, Sales Order and Invoice form so you can now scroll down to see full Header and footer comments without having to open a transaction in edit mode

Case# 5471 – New item selection option created for receipts of goods and transaction returns – When receiving whole purchase orders or returning items from an order or most of the orders SIMMS worked very fast and efficiently however when you had to receive or return only a few lines out of an order of 100 line items or more it was difficult because you had to delete the lines you were not receiving or returning. Now we have added a new option when receiving purchase orders or returning orders you are prompted with a question for receipts:“do you wish to receive all or most of the order?”, for returns:“do you wish to return all or most of the order?” if you select no a new pop up window is displayed where you can scan in a line item to select, multiple select more then one line, modify quantities, drag selected items with modifications to the primary document or click select all to do the same, this way you only have to select items you are wishing to utilize instead of the reverse, having to delete lines you don't wish to utilize in the transaction, this dramatically speeds up the process of filling partial orders.

Visual Import Manager Enhancements

Case# 5549 – We have fixed an issue where under some conditions importing vendor part numbers does not work. 

Case# 5803 – We have added the ability to import "Country of Origin" and "Manufacturer" into the Item Manager. 

Work Order Manager Enhancements

Case# 5445 – We have fixed an issue where under some conditions you are unable to finish a WO (Finish WO not available) and Labor cost and time are not calculating in the "Finals" Tab. 


  • To upgrade or install SIMMS 8, proceed to

  • Make sure you backup your SIMMS database prior to upgrading

  • Make sure to review global settings and user permissions for all users and companies as due to some huge improvements the settings will have to be reset according to your needs.

  • Consider scheduling a short training session;

SIMMS Version 8.0 is easier to use, with the enhancement and addition of many features to make your SIMMS experience quicker, more detailed and more accurate.

We feel that your first experience with the new look and feel should be in a training scenario, which will allow you the time to get comfortable with any changes to SIMMS usage and function that may have changed.

Therefore, we have put together affordable 2, 4 and 8 hour online training courses designed to bring you up to speed key enhancements made in order to assure your SIMMS 8.0 experience is a good one.

Contact sales for more information 604-504-4215 Ext: 140 or


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