SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2014 Vol 1.1 has been released

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SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2014 Vol 1.1 has been released

January 8, 2014

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2014 Vol 1.1 has been released

KCSI today is pleased to announce the release of SIMMS Inventory Software 2014 Vol 1.1

SIMMS Software turns your computer into an advanced inventory management and accounting software tool, giving you the ability to setup inventory items, transfer your inventory from location to location, complete sales and purchasing transactions, track serial numbers with manufacturer lot control, expiration date management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Order Fulfillment and Replenishment, Order Picking, Remote Data collection, Barcode printing and more. 

Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business inventory management and accounting applications.

SIMMS Version 2014 Vol 1.1 Release Modifications below; 

Release Date: January 8, 2014

Accounting Enhancements

Case# 7713 – We have enhanced the general Journal entry form to allow window resizing.

Case# 7705 – We have created a new sales tax report linked to payments.

Estore Enhancements

Case# 7517 – We have added support for apparel in the E-store with easy to understand grids and style search capabilities. 

Purchasing Enhancements

Case# 7659 – We have added three UDF drop-down lists to the In-transactions grid, we have also modified the PO and ROG reports to show both vendor description and additional description for more information about this custom refer to the attached “case7659.pdf”.

Serial number Enhancements

Case# 7769 – We have fixed an issue where in some cases when processing a credit memo return for a serialized item the serial number wouldn’t returned back into stock as well. 

SIMMS Online (Web interface) Enhancements

Case# 7201/7742 / 7706 – Consignment Manager – We have added a new Consignment Management module giving you a nice easy way to consign items to a customer indicating a deadline date for when the items have to be sold or returned, with some automation, and easy look up capabilities for both the customers and users, for details review the “ConsignModule.pdf” attached.

  • We have added the ability for both the SIMMS online user and Customer from consignment portal to enter the related PO for the consignment order. 
  • When customers in the portal create invoices through consignment, they now get an email that says thank you we have received your order with a copy of the generated order.)

Case#7224 – We have added Project Management to SIMMS Online where you can easily create projects, assign tasks, team members, complete time sheets then ultimately bill out the project with a click of a button.

Case#7604 – We have added Core returns with RMA support for those companies that expect a core returned for items sold, ie.. When you sell a new transmission and it’s sold at a discounted price with the expectation that you get the old transmission back. This module allows you to track who owes you cores, it handles automated email alerts to you and your client based on userdefined templates, and allows you to bring the core directly into stock or into RMA for inspection. For more information refer to the attached “CoreReturnUserDoc.pdf

Case#7372 – We have added 2D barcode scanning support to item transfers.

Case#6165 – We have added the ability to create new inventory items & edit existing item detail information in SIMMS online

Case#6166 – We have added the ability to create Purchase orders and receipt of goods as well as receive from purchase orders in SIMMS Online.

Case#xxxx – We have added the ability to invoice from sales orders and quotes in SIMMS Online.

Case#7661 – We have enhanced the calendar object to allow personal events to be scheduled and not associated with a contact as long as you select the personal option in the status drop down.

Case#7660 – We have replaced the show customization widow button with an icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, if you wish to add or remove grid columns just click the new icon. 

- We have replaced the print button with a new smaller adobe print image on the bottom right corner of the screens, use this to print your reports or grids.

- We have replaced the export to excel button with a new excel image on the bottom right corner of the screens, use this option to export your grids or reports to excel.

Case# 7713 – We have enhanced the general Journal entry form to allow window resizing.


  • If you use external transaction reports, YOU WILL have to re-export and apply your changes due to database changes made to the transaction tables in this version.
  • To upgrade or install SIMMS 2014, proceed to 
  • Make sure you backup your SIMMS database prior to upgrading
  • Consider scheduling a short training session;

SIMMS Version 2014 is easier to use, with the enhancement and addition of many features to make your SIMMS experience quicker, more detailed and more accurate.

We feel that your first experience with the new look and feel should be in a training scenario, which will allow you the time to get comfortable with any changes to SIMMS usage and function that may have changed.

Therefore, we have put together affordable 2, 4 and 8 hour online training courses designed to bring you up to speed key enhancements made in order to assure your SIMMS 2014 experience is a good one.

Contact sales for more information 604-504-7936 Ext: 100 or


Sheldon Kornyk

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