SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2012 Vol1.11RM has been released...

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SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2012 Vol1.11RM has been released

November 22, 2012

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 2012 Vol1.11RM has been released

Recurring Transaction (URGENT NOTICE!)

Case# 6949 – There is an issue with the latest release SIMMS (2012 vol. 1.11). Transactions will recur (that is repeat) every week.

A new feature in SIMMS is recurring transactions. For sales order, invoices, and purchase orders, you can schedule them to recur. This means SIMMS will generate a new transaction based on an older at the time you schedule. For instance, you can have SIMMS duplicate a transaction every week or month.

The issue is that by default sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders are set to recur every week from the date they were created.

By default all transactions should never recur unless you schedule them to. SIMMS (2012 vol. 1.11RM) addresses this issue.

Note if you installed SIMMS (2012 vol. 1.11) you will have to do the following as well;

Remove Recurring Transactions 

1. Open the Recurring Transaction Manager Administration > Recurring Transaction Manager

All original transactions that are scheduled to recur are found in the Recurring Transaction Manager.

2. Click in the Recurring field, and then click the Arrows that appear.


3. This opens the Scheduler Info window.

4. In the Recurring type list, select No Recurring.


5. Click the X (top right) to close the window.

6. A message appears asking you to confirm that you want to remove the scheduled recurrence of the transaction. Click OK. 

The transaction is removed from the list of recurring transactions.

Delete Transactions that Have Recurred

You have edited transactions that where scheduled to recur so will no longer recur. If any of these transactions did recur (in other words duplicate) you will need to delete them as well. Not transactions can be sales order, invoice, or purchase order.

1. Delete any transactions that may have been generated by SIMMS.

For sales orders, go to Sales > Sales > Recurring SO Management Queue

For invoices, go to Sales > Sales > Recurring Invoice Management Queue

For purchase order go to Purchasing > Recurring PO Management Queue

2. In the appropriate window, double click the transaction row.


The transaction opens.

3. Click the Delete button (the red X).

The transaction is removed from SIMMS.


Sheldon Kornyk

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