How to Change from Sql Server Windows mode to Mixed Mode (SQL...

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How to Change from Sql Server Windows mode to Mixed Mode (SQL SERVER 2008)


If you have ever installed Microsoft SQL 2008 manually you will soon realize that the default installation option is to install in windows authentication mode and not the recommended mixed mode, now if you have a well setup network with active directory etc this may not pose an issue but if you have just a standard network you may find you cannot connect to the server using the trusted method, without messing with permissions and adding users to the server first.

To get around this issue it may be easier to just change your installed version of SQL to mixed mode authentication to make this change do the following;

  • Launch the SQL Management Studio
  • Right click the server name and select properties
  • Select Security (Illustration 1)
  • Check SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode (Illustration 1)
  • Save your changes
  • You will also want to go to security -> Logins (Illustration 2)
  • select the sa user and change the password in the general tab (Illustration 2)
  • you may also want to go to the Status option and make sure the login option is enabled (Illustration 3)
Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Applies To

SQL 2008 & SQL Express 2008

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