How can I open more then one instance of SIMMS at once?

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How can I open more then one instance of SIMMS at once?


If your SIMMS Inventory Software is installed on a terminal server or perhaps a Citrix server then chances are you will have to launch more then one instance of SIMMS at one time, to do this your SIMMS Shortcut will require a variable.

Instructions to enable SIMMS for a multi session environment

In order to allow SIMMS to open more then one session at once for terminal server or citrix do the following;

Delete the existing SIMMS shortcut from the desktop
Proceed to the SIMMS root folder (default: c:/program files/KCSI/SIMMS).
Right click SIMMS.exe
select Create Shortcut
proceed to the new shortcut created and rename it to SIMMS 8.0
open the properties of the shortcut and in the target field add /NEW after the target path, for example: 
("C:\Program Files\KCSI\SIMMS\SIMMS.exe" /new)
Click apply and copy the shortcut to the desktop

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SIMMS Inventory Software All versions

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