Cannot scan 2D barcodes with my Honeywell Data Collector

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Cannot scan 2D barcodes with my Honeywell Data Collector


If you have a Honeywell Dolphin 6100 and you find it can't scan 2D barcodes then this article may just save you hours of figuring out why.

Applies To

Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Data Collector and verious other Honeywell models


Honeywell data collector won't scan 2D barcodes


The Dolphin 6100 does support decoding of the Data Matrix barcode font. Follow the steps below to verify the Scan Wedge software is properly setup to decode Data Matrix Barcodes. These settings also apply to most Honeywell barcode terminals.

  • Start the Scan Wedge Software from the Power Tools area
  • Tap the Scan Wedge Icon and select Settings
  • Select Symbologies
  • Scroll down to Data Matrix and verify it is checked, if not Check it.
  • Double Clik the Data Matrix Line
  • You will see several values separated by commas
  • Verify the very first value is a "1", if it is a "0" then place the cursor in this area and change it to a "1"
  • Tap the X to close
  • Select File-->Save and close the settings screen
  • Answer Yes to restart the Scan Wedge application


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